Dinner in white

Dear Americans,

here we are to a new chapter dedicated to Italian traditions. This time, however, we are not going to talk about a precise event or holiday, but more about a wider topic, called summer. Because Italians invented summer. Italians must go away on vacation in the summer. Italians know how to enjoy summer days and they know that you can enjoy them better if you don’t have dinner at 6.30 or 7 pm. Instead, days are long and the sun is up longer so days can be enjoyed in their fullness having dinner when the sun sets and it starts getting darker. Also, Italians know that the day can be enjoyed even after the sunset, without closing restaurants at 10 pm, or scheduling night meetings at 7. This curious people understands that you can finish your working day having dinner at 8 pm or later, and then go out, after 9 pm, enjoying the summer breeze, open stores, markets, outdoor bars and concerts.

Some of them even come up with new ideas and nice initiatives such as “Cena in bianco“. This “unconventional dinner” called dinner in white was started by a communication and marketing director in Torino in 2012, and can now be bought and organized in any Italian town. My home town did it and I am going to tell you about this dinner I attended.


“Cena in bianco” is a dinner format, a layout for an alternative summer night in town. It has its own rules, and as long as participants respect them, anyone can do it. It can be summed up by chic pic nic. Just dress total while, bring everything you need for a classy dinner, and enjoy!


Participants sign up for free, meet on the selected location at the agreed time and day, show up in white only and set up their own tables: tables, chairs, table cloths, napkins, water bottles, wine bottles, ceramic plates, silverware, glasses, candles, flowers and any other white decorations must be brought from home. And food, of course. When the time has come, the event managers give the start, and everybody can sit down and enjoy dinner. At the end of the night the location must be left as it was before. No empty bottles, trash or container can be left. This is why plastic or paper items are banned. Only washable and recyclable.


Classy, fun, environment friendly and creative. And aesthetically wonderful.

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