Serial traveler

Today I am flying back home and today I am catching flight #44 of 2018. And it is also going to be the last one for this year.

Being a serial traveler for work can be fascinating for those looking from outside, it actually also is fascinating for those doing it. But it is fascinating for a limited number of weeks per year. I get bored quite easily and my job gives me the perfect chance not to do the same thing for 52 weeks a year. But when travel season is over, everybody is happy to go back to the office routine, at least for a while.

But what happens when you are also a commuter between Connecticut and Italy? Then, finally enjoying the holiday time at “home” puts you in that puzzling condition of choosing which home to spend the holidays in.

Having two places to call home is better than having just one. At least if you are often undecided like me and you can choose which one you prefer based on your daily mood and on the current status of your life. Right now, I am very happy about the status of mine and crying when I leave one of the two homes fills my life with emotions that I would forget if I stayed in the same place.

This year I traveled to 13 different countries, I met so many amazing people, I ate so much delicious food and so much airport food. I have seen faces of children of all sorts of colors, heard so many different languages, I have been exposed to so many different life styles, religions ans cultures. I have changed number of hotel room a number of times, I have missed flights, I have caught delayed flights, I have slept on flights.

Best sunset I have seen? Phuket.
Best street art? Buenos Aires.
Best colors? Foliage in Connecticut.
Best unorganized but can’t-help-loving-it society? Italy.
Best smiles? In Uganda.

Best people? Mine: wherever they live, whatever they do, however I love them. And I learned that keeping them close is all that matters.
God bless the end of travel season. God bless “home”, any home.

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